On-Line Coaching:
I have been a coach now for over five years and really feel that my services are a great value to those serious about achieving their fitness and athletic goals. I was I have this great service that is getting results for those I am currently coaching. I just wish more people knew about it or could experience it to discover what I and my athletes already know.

How can I share this with others who maybe new to on-line coaching, may not trust it or have faith in it and/or have become dissatisfied with their current coach because he or she does not put the time, effort, and attention into their program that they feel is necessary for them to stay motivated and progressing forward.

Coaching Philosophy:
I view coaching as being a partner with the athlete. As a coach, I view myself as helping to facilitate and challenge the growth of the athlete in both their physical and mental limits. Continuously consulting with the athlete concerning progress, workouts, and challenges takes time but it is what coaching is all about. There is nothing more exciting to see when an athlete accomplishes something they previously thought impossible.

Coaching Method:
I use a multi-modal approach to coaching in which I take the best aspects of various methodologies and combine them to fit each individual athlete's specific limitations. I put a great deal of faith into "the numbers" and track all clients' Training Stress Scores (TSS), Chronic Training Loads (CTL), and Training Stress Balance (TSB) for all activities.

What Sets Me Apart From Other Coaches:
This is in-part related to my training methodology. I take the time to create incrementally increased weekly TSS goals for all athletes as part of their annual training plan. These TSS goals are then run through a program that projects your estimated level of fitness for up to 3-months out. If you follow the program and reach your weekly TSS goals you will arrive at your projected fitness level. However, it is common to have to adjust TSS goals based on each athlete's progress and ability to handle greater loads. As athletes enter their workouts via their actual weekly totals are loaded onto their training calendar and then compared with their planned weekly TSS goal.

"Okay, I Don't Understand TSS/CTL/TSB...I Just Want To Train."
That is why you have a coach. I worry about your data and all you need to do is enter your duration, heart rate and/or power/pace info, and I take care of the rest.

How Can This Be Accomplished On-Line?
It is really quite simple. I have listed the process below:
1) Goal Development via phone.

2) Annual Training Plan Development. Including TSS and CTL projections done by coach and centered around your goals.

3) Daily workouts developed each with an individual purpose to move you closer to your goal. These workouts are automatically emailed to you.

4) Each individual receives their own Performance Management Chart which displays and tracks their training progress.

On-line coaching is quite effective in terms of goal achievement and bang for your training buck.

1) Considering that personal training usually runs $50.00 to $75.00 per hour at 2-3 sessions per week and on-line training runs commonly for $200.00-$350.00 per month with 7 training sessions or more per week.

2) Your coach is always available for questions or concerns via email or phone.

3) Progress and data are tracked and quantified on a weekly basis by athletes estimating their efforts or by downloading their workouts from their power meter and swim and run devices.

Hopefully this brief description of how on-line coaching works will allow you to make a better decision in terms of achieving your goals.

I realize that you may still have more questions about on-line training and how this all feel free to email me at with any further questions you may have. No question is to trivial so don't be shy about asking...

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