Great group picture from this past weekends training ride and course preview of the upcoming Patagonia Lake Triathlon scheduled for Nov. 2nd at Patagonia Lake, AZ. This is going to be one tough race judging from the bike course. Probably the toughest Olympic distance race in the region. Special thanks to Pedro and all those triathletes who came up from Hermosillo, Sonora to participate in the bike and swim portions of the weekend's events.

Patagonia Lake Triathlon

I recently heard about the Patagonia Lake Triathlon on November, 2nd at Patagonia Lake, Arizona. I am very excited to learn about this event. I have always realized the potential of the Patagonia Lake Region as being a mecca for triathlon racing and training. The roads have few cars. The elevation lends itself to cooler temperatures. The lake and general area are perfect for racing and training. Hey, but I don't need to tell that to the few triathletes that live down here. We all know this is the best kept triathlon secret in Arizona. The run and bike courses are going to be challenging for even seasoned triathletes but the scenery and beauty of the area will help ease your pain on that final hill leading into Patagonia Lake. It really is great that someone has taken on the logistics of organizing such an event. I hope it grows into one of the premier races in Arizona.


Life Balance

This is a great article by Diane Peters. I was interviewed for portions of it and she did a good job at defining my position on training and life balance when it comes to relationships, family, and training. So many triathletes become defensive when questioned about their training volume. I use to be one of them. My article "Divorce by Triathlon" has been referred to in many articles and on many blogs. Diane did a great job summing up what my intentions were when writing the article. I just wanted athletes to be aware that over training not only has negative physiological and performance results...but also negatively impacts interpersonal relationships. Having the right amount of training stress and then allowing the body to adapt is what it is all about. Having a coach help is ideal but most are equally served by listening to those loved ones close to them....they will let you know too when you are overdoing it. Please check out Diane's article by clicking here.


No Time To Ride

I wanted to post tonight's computrainer ride. Today was a hectic day. I didn't start this workout until about 8:30 pm after putting the kids to bed and then consuming a couple cups of coffee of course. Anyways, this is a 1 hour ride which simulates a pace line type of workout. I completed 15 minutes at ~225 watts and then finished the final 5 minutes ~ 270 watts. I repeated this 2 times for a total workout of 1 hour. This workout really gets the job done and will give you that ability to not get shaken off the pace line in those local group rides. Now all I have to do is lose about 15 lbs and I will be hard to drop for the majority of group rides I find myself in. If you like this type of workout feel free to check out my available plans here. You find these types of short, effective, and to the point workouts throughout my plans.