Quadrant Analysis of 5 x 5 minute Workout

It is sure nice now that WKO+ 3.0 has the new quad analysis feature. Prior to this one had to do it the long way and copy the data out from a csv. file. Anyways, quad analysis is a neat little tool that kind of tells you what you already suspected but just couldn't quantify. Now you can see your efforts in a pretty little graph. More than informative,,,,I find quad analysis extremely motivating to myself and the athletes I train. It helps to organize your neuromuscular efforts into 4 different quadrants and can reveal what you already know but what your coach may not know. From there a coach can start to direct your training to address some of your neuromuscular limiters on the bike. To read more about quadrant analysis click here.


Functional Movement Screen

If you are serious about improving your movement patterns and continuing in any given sport then you will want to check out the above video clip. Try these movements at your gym in order to improve your core stability and strength. This is part of the Functional Movement Screen that is very useful in identifying any weak links in your movement patterns. Again, all athletes move differently but this screening is useful in identifying certain movements that can lead to injury. Follow the link above in this video if you are interested in learning more about the Functional Movement Screen and how paying attention to those muscles not commonly used in endurance sports can keep you in the game for years to come.