"Train For Life" "Race For Fun"

I have always struggled with the pressures, anxiety, and stress that racing can produce. Over the years I have been able to overcome a great many of my short comings when it comes to controlling my anxiety/expectations associated with racing which has allowed me to continue to enjoy racing even when I am not placing well. I have always enjoyed that increadible natural high I get at the end of every race I am able to finish. However, I have also equally enjoyed training for every race. I enjoy the challenge and discipline it requires, the peace and solitude I find, and the ideas that always visit me on a long run, bike, or swim. It makes me feel alive and young and I learn a little something new about myself after each workout,,,, and even more so after each race. I make new friends and rivals and get to know them at a level few others can. Why do you train? Why do you race? Finding the answers to these questions will provide you with the motivation you may be lacking. So often I have read stories of professional athletes who quite their sport because they have lost sight of things. I am sure the average age grouper is no different here. We all train and race for different reasons. Some of them may sound silly or trite but it doesn't matter. If you race for yourself and can understand what really drives you and why you do what you do, you will be able to wake up at 4 am on a cold damp morning and complete that workout with a smile on your face no matter what place you happen to find yourself in come race day.