Life Balance

This is a great article by Diane Peters. I was interviewed for portions of it and she did a good job at defining my position on training and life balance when it comes to relationships, family, and training. So many triathletes become defensive when questioned about their training volume. I use to be one of them. My article "Divorce by Triathlon" has been referred to in many articles and on many blogs. Diane did a great job summing up what my intentions were when writing the article. I just wanted athletes to be aware that over training not only has negative physiological and performance results...but also negatively impacts interpersonal relationships. Having the right amount of training stress and then allowing the body to adapt is what it is all about. Having a coach help is ideal but most are equally served by listening to those loved ones close to them....they will let you know too when you are overdoing it. Please check out Diane's article by clicking here.