Chronic Training Load

I thought I would post my current Chronic Training Load (CTL) graph for anyone interested. Following the blue line can be an eye opening experience for as I have realized that my gains early on last month were steady but it is now time to step things up just a notch. Typically, you want an increase of about 5-8 TSS points per week. I had 3 rest days per week for a while and have decided to now kick that back to 2 rest days in order to keep my CTL climbing at a rate of about 6 TSS per week. I always felt that 4 rides a week for me were the magic number. One long ride, two intervals days with varying intensities, and a climbing day. Riding 6 days a week may work for others but I would rather spend the other 2 days in the weight room or with the family since the extra 2 days only seem to add to my fatigue and I do not get the same amount of bang for my training minute as I would by spending that time in the weight room. Anyways,,,I am off topic now. Bottom line is what you measure usually improves,,,,but be conservative and have patience with your CTL gains. Your blue line should look a bit like a stair case leading you to your fitness goals.

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