2 x 20 minutes

If you are tired of the same old story then roll some intervals. Change is good and mixing it up with intervals is the way to go not just for your body but for your mind. Above is a WKO+ file analyzed by yours truly. I have been experimenting with using a lower cadence early on this year to help transfer strength gains in the gym over to the bike. After I get my power up to where I want it to be (It really is never high enough.) I plan on increasing my cadence and possibly bumping things up even more. At the minimum I will be able to maintain the power output easier if the cadence jumps up 5 rpms or so. If you take a close look at the above file you will begin to understand how using a power meter and WKO+ together can become very motivating and eye opening. I have compared this years results with last year on the bike and was surprised how far ahead I am just by doing varied interval workouts during the week. These workouts don't take more than 60 minutes and let me tell you....they do the trick. Granted, you won't be smelling the roses on any of these workouts but you will be getting stronger.

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