Behavior Modification & Losing Weight

Here is a great little android application one can use when attempting to change a certain repetitive behavior. The application is free and is called "Buzz Clock"

This application is free and was initially intended to remind busy individuals of commitments or time schedules. However, this application can also be used to create a sense of mindfulness and adherence to targeted behavioral goals.

It is basically an application that sets your phone to buzz at regular or intermittent intervals. Once you have decided on your target behavior set your phone to buzz randomly and/or on regular intervals throughout the day. Every time the phone goes off it will reinforce your behavioral change creating positive momentum and help keep you more on track. Studies have shown that these simple reminders go a long way in terms of keeping individuals on track with behavioral changes and goals.


Michael said...

Love this! Now I just have to think of which behavior I need to modify. I know I need to clean more, walk more, read more, etc. Got any specific behaviors you've seen this work with?

Lisa Kneller

Pete said...

This method works best with those behaviors you find yourself doing compulsively without even thinking about it. Eating, making negative self-statements, and so on are examples of behaviors that this method may help reduce.