This is a power profile analysis of an athlete who is training for a time trial ascent. I have commented on his pacing as he enjoys to really let loose within the first 3-5 minutes of his 20 minute intervals. As is shown in the illustration he cranked out about 437 watts for 5 seconds at around 15 minutes 20 seconds (3 minutes into his first 20 minute interval). He averaged about 235 watts for this effort. His second 20 minute interval was about 5 watts higher and he averaged 240 watts. He still let loose and hit 380 watts for 10 seconds at around the 40 minute mark (again 3 minutes into his second 20 minute effort) but improved his second 20 minute effort by 5 watts. I usually see the second 20 minute effort decline by 5-10 watts in average power. Is this coincidental? I think not. I feel that even though he red lined things a bit for 10 seconds on his 2nd interval he still stayed below 437 watts. Bottom line pay the price when red lining yourself at the BEGINNING of a time trial. I want him to get habitual about going out easy and finishing strong. If I see him cranking out 437 watts in the final 2 minutes of his 20 minute efforts than that tells me a couple things....One, we probably need to increase his goal wattage for that workout AND two,,,he is learning to pace himself...which is critical to having the time trial performance of your life.

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