Single Leg Split Squat

I just recently posted on TP about performing single leg split squats and thought I would add this video to anyone interested in what I was talking about. I use to be a gym rat who loved to through on the weight in the back squat until my knee finally started crying out.

I ultimately got into triathlon to prove to myself I could still run again. However, after years competing in triathlon and neglecting the weights I began to actually feel less athletic....not more, due to the repetitive nature and tearing down this sport can have on one's body.

Since rededicating myself to becoming a multi-dimensional athlete I knew better than to return to my bodybuilding days where packing on useless muscle was the goal. I wanted to become an athlete who could do a lateral single leg squat if necessary or sprint 100 meters at top speed or bike 100 miles at a competitive pace. I have also found that quite a few endurance athletes are searching for these qualities as well. This exercise above is just one of the movements that you can do to both improve your performance and also your overall functional strength.

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