Nutrition and Marketing

I am not a nutritionist but it doesn't seem to require to be one in order to realize that something is not adding up when it comes to what nutritional/power drinks and bar companies are trying to sell you. As with most reading this blog entry, I too was told to use brand "X" or brand "Y" in order to get the best competitive advantage. 4 to 1 protein to carbo ratios, drink at least "X" ounces of brand "Y" sports drink while cycling in your next triathlon....We have all heard this. Again, many times even the coaches spewing this are well intentioned and are just telling you what they feel is the best advice available...However, where do you think they are getting this "advice" from? Right...the sports nutrition companies. Most research is performed by these companies and is skewed in their favor of course.

In addition to the questionable usefulness of these products, there is the expense. They don't come cheaply. The sugar content in most is not much better than your run of the mill candy bar (Milky Way, Snickers) and the ingredients are anything but healthy. Of course, we are sold the myth that there is some secret nutritional supplement that will give you the edge over your competition...Well, guess what???There isn't. Sorry to tell you that but it is the truth. On your next long ride take a banana or orange along with plenty of good old fashioned water. You will be further ahead nutritionally as well as financially due to the extra money you will save by not buying brand "X" nutritional bar/drink. If you want a real power drink take a few oranges and squeeze your own orange juice. If you want a real nutritional bar take a piece of fruit along with you on your next ride. It doesn't "look" cool...I know, but it works.

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Well put Pete. Hope your tune doesnt change when you land that lucrative Power Bar sponsorship!