Whipple Observatory, Arivaca, Sonoita Wine Country, Patagonia & Pena Blanca Lake Rides

I have google earthed two major rides in my area. Pena Blanca Lake & Patagonia. Arivaca Sonoita Wine Country ride and Whipple Observatory Ride. All leave from my house but can be easily accessed from either Nogales, AZ or Rio Rico, AZ. I believe Southern Arizona to be one of the best kept secrets when it comes to limitless year round cycling. Here are two commonly used road bike routes. They may look flat but they are anything but....enjoy the view and be sure you have google earth downloaded. You must also register with this linked sight in order to view. If you are ever in this area these rides are a must. March - May & October - December are usually the ideal conditions for biking but if you leave early enough you can complete all these rides during the summer months and be home before the heat really kicks in. These roads have relatively low traffic and are biker friendly. Many bike/vacation tours frequent this area and ride these same roads during the spring and fall.

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