Bike Fit

Getting the proper bike fit is critical to maximizing your potential. However, getting a bike fit is one of those things that people just don't have time to get done. After all, when you leave the fit you don't really have anything in your hands. However, not everything that has value can be held in your hand. A proper bike fit will not only make you a faster triathlete/cyclist. It will make you a more comfortable one and a healthier one and as a result a happier one. A proper bike fit takes into consideration your anatomical limits, flexibility, and skeletal make-up. You want the bike to fit your body not the other way around. This is why a dynamic bike fit is so important. Getting the proper seat heigth, seat angle, arm-rest drop, flex angle in the knee, hip and shoulder are all critical to fitting your bike to your body. Fitting the bike, riding the bike and making small adjustments are necessary in fine tuning the fit. Also, the human body is continuously changing and as a result a bike fit should be performed once per year in order to adjust for these changes. A good time to get a bikek fit is in the off season prior to intensive training. Making changes in mid-season is not a good idea though....unless things are obviously amiss.

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